Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jesus Said Knock You Out

Ever wish that your super-violent shoot-em-up game could have a more Christian spiritual dimension to it? Well, now it can. Introducing Left Behind: The Video Game. For the uninitiated, "Left Behind" is a series of novels loosely based on the Acid Trip - er, sorry, Revelation - of St. John. (On a side note, I read something interesting about Revelation being a veiled commentary on the dangers of emperor worship and a polemic against the anti-Christian and anti-Jewish policies of the emperor Nero. Indeed, the Hebrew letters for "Nero Caesar" add up to 666. If I find this again, I'll post it.)

You play as a member of God's shock troops, killing the minions of the satanic United Nations (!) and converting those who don't have a side before the Antichrist gets them. (And if you believe this guy, offering Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and other filthy heathens the convert-or-die deal made famous by the Spanish Inquisition. He seems like a raving lunatic and certainly engages in a ton of gratuitous Rick Warren-bashing, though, so take his words with a grain of salt. Or rather, the entire Bonneville Salt Flats. In fact, I only post this since it's where I first heard about the game via Barzelay.)

And if you get sick of doing God's work all the time, have no fear! You can also play as the Antichrist! What fun!

Speaking of evil people, I'm with Ben: I'm against the death penalty, but I won't be shedding any tears over the death of this guy. Let's hope we can use this as a turning point to end that stupid civil war...


Mike said...

I remember singing the title of this blog post but I don't remember why. Regardless, I never thought it would be so applicable to real-life situations.

Ben said...

I have come across that game numerous times in the media and have been unable to prevent myself each time from slapping myself on the forehead and burying my face in my hands in embarassment.

What were they THINKING?!

I like how my friend Nathan Chapman responded: "WWJD? Get them before they get you!"

g said...

Perhaps someone has noticed this before - I have lost my powers of memory.

But yesterday, I received my obligatory "Vanderbilt Wants Money" pamphlet...and guess whose picture is in there?

Hint: rhymes with "Goodlead."

(this is meredith, btw)