Thursday, November 13, 2008

Honeymoon Even Over-er

Via Big Orange, Obama may suck pretty bad on intelligence issues too.

Yes he can... do what, exactly?

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Ben said...

That's a really bit "may" there, dude. I read that article and it seems to me like one big innuendo. Aside from the FISA vote - disturbing though that may be - they've got nothing to indicate Obama's changed his mind from his stated position on those intelligence issues.

This is quite different from, say, the stupid auto industry bailout you reference below, which Obama has publicly supported. THAT is documented, and it's stupid and disappointing. It's evidence of his willingness to use government to bail out stupid leadership and sink us even deeper in the hole fiscally. This article about intelligence, though, is evidence of nothing except speculation. I'm not going to assume he's changed his mind on intelligence issues until I see evidence to show he has.

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