Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pack of Idiots

This happened at my university, roughly a mile and a half from where I work. Stupid bigots.


Mike said...

I was wondering if you'd get wind of that little nugget. I'm actually surprised there haven't been more such reports. Blarg.

Ben said...

This also brings back memories. At least it wasn't written on bathroom walls. The question is - is NCSU going to organize a "spontaneous" Anti-Hate campaign around it, like at Vandy?

Mike said...

There was anti-gay writing on the stall walls in one bathroom in Stevenson for two years before the Towers incident. It still amuses me there was so little righteous indignation over that.

I saw last night that a Texas Longhorn center was dismissed for posting racial remarks on his Facebook page. These kids these days, I tell you.

My word verification is "mankin". (I'll stop writing about what my WVs are when they stop being hilarious.)

Mike said...

Oh, and just because it suddenly popped into my head:

"I have read the writing on the wall
And the greatest mystery
Is not the history
Of Jasper, Drood, and one and all..."

Ah, memories.

And now my WV is "hoeing". Seriously.