Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blame the Jews, Volume 663

I suppose, given his proclivities, that I shouldn't be surprised that Hugo Chavez has launched his own little anti-Semitism campaign down in Venezuela.

Chavez' Venezuela wasn't the most free place on the planet in the first place, but ethno-religious hatred and violence was never part of the equation. But it's still true that, as the old adage goes, anti-Semitism is often the first sign of a much darker turn in a country's politics. Expect Venezuela to get worse and worse, kids.

It'll also be interesting to see if the mini-Chavezes in South America follow suit. Evo Morales, already from an oppressed minority, doesn't seem like the hating type, and there are barely any Jews in Bolivia anyway. I don't know much about Correa in Ecuador, but that's worth watching, as is Lugo in Paraguay.


Mike said...

Nothing like a little anti-Semitism to further confirm Chavez's douchitude.

Ben said...

Oh goody. And now he "won" that referendum on his term limits. Funny how he lost that same contest big time on the last occasion such an issue was put to referendum. The only things I could think that possibly changed are the scapegoating of Jews, the silencing of voices of opposition, and the intimidation of voters! How, oh how, could things in such a free democracy have turned around so quickly?