Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Musically Challenged Writer Alert

OK, I'm no music expert, but isn't the thesis of this article basically destroyed by recent history? The article claims that music sucks when Democrats are elected, but that ignores the fact that under Clinton (1/20/93-1/20/01), the following happened (and I'm realizing full well that not everyone who reads this is going to like everything on this list):

Dookie, Nimrod, Warning
Throwing Copper, The Distance to Here
Somewhere More Familiar, Fortress
In Utero, that MTV Unplugged album
Vs., Vitalogy
Jar of Flies
August and Everything After, Recovering the Satellites, This Desert Life (I think)
Automatic for the People, Monster
Weezer's blue album

Also assorted awesomeness from Hootie and the Blowfish, Dave Matthews Band, Aerosmith, Blues Traveler, the Cranberries, Rusted Root, Collective Soul, Seven Mary Three, Foo Fighters, Presidents, Everclear... so yeah, music under Clinton definitely sucked. Idiot.


Mike said...

Ooh, ooh, let me add some!

- Siamese Dream; Mellon Collie
- The Bends; OK Computer
- Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain; Wowee Zowee
- Superunknown; Down on the Upside
- There's Nothing Wrong With Love; Perfect From Now On; Keep It Like a Secret
- Definitely Maybe; What's the Story Morning Glory
- Bringing Down the Horse; Breach
- Lemon Parade
- Clumsy; Happiness is Not a Fish That You Can Catch
- Goldfly; Lost and Gone Forever
- In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
- The Soft Bulletin

In fact, the only band that readily springs to mind that sucked during Clinton and got better under Dubya is U2.

So yeah, that article is basically full of shit.

Jeff said...

Mike, actually, All That You Can't Leave Behind snuck into the Clinton years (Oct. 31, 2000)...

Mike said...

...which, being a far superior album to How to Dismantle, just reinforces the point even further.