Friday, February 20, 2009

Newspaper Ad, Waffle House Style

Some years ago, a couple of friends and I were driving from Raleigh to Nashville, and we decided to stop for food at a Waffle House in Hickory, NC. At our booth, we were approached by a guy who tells us a nonsense "joke" about Communists and proceeds to rant incoherently for several minutes before pointing us to a website (whose URL I have forgotten) that was equally incoherent.

So when I caught wind of this via Ed Brayton's blog, I immediately thought of that guy.

Seriously, what is that ad trying to say? Can anyone make heads or tails out of it? And the website is full of equally incoherent rantings and ravings. Does virulent anti-gay hate lead to aphasia or something?


Mike said...

I believe it was or some such nonsense. I may still have his business card.

Ben said...

I still remember that after the guy ranted for a bit and left to get his business card, the Waffle House waitress came over to us and said "He's harmless."

My favorite part of that ad is the Homosexual Declaration of War.