Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Adoption Memo

To: Morons in the state of Kentucky

From: Jeff

Re: Idiocy

Listen. Just because 57% of Arkansans are friggin' idiots doesn't mean you have to be that way too. What, did you think that Arkansas' extending a middle finger to the kids in foster care was such a brilliant idea that you had to copy it? Sure, it takes a jackass to think that kids are better off in orphanages than with loving parents, but it takes some severe stupidity to mimic this idea. I mean, I know you're a state full of people who thought Tubby Smith was an awful coach who needed to be run out of town, but still, I didn't think you were this stupid.

I dunno. Maybe you're not stupid. Maybe you just hate children too. Yeah, that's gotta be it - Kentucky hates kids too, just like Arkansas. That's what you should call this bill - the Fuck You, Kids Act of 2009.


Mike said...

Well, KFC has gone from "Kentucky Fried Chicken" to "Kitchen Fresh Chicken". Maybe now it can stand for "Kentucky Fucks Children".

My guess is they're just taking a page from the Chris Buttars playbook.

Jeff said...


Utah should pass a law requiring Chris Buttars to chuckle stupidly and say "that's me!" during every roll-call vote...

Mike said...

That would cause a lot more people to tune in to C-Span, I'll bet. Plus, they'd be glued to the edge of their seat wondering at the secret identity of the nefarious Professor Chaos.