Friday, August 14, 2009

The Deathers Want To Kill You, Too

You know how Rush and Newt and Governor Failin' are trying to convince you that voluntary government assistance with a living will is somehow a secret plot to kill you on your 80th birthday? Yeah, well, according to Rachel Maddow, they're all in on it:
Can't sleep. The death panels will eat me.

Bonus link: that Matt Taibbi post Maddow references is here. If you're concerned about Maddow's use of ellipses, don't worry - the full quote makes Gingrich look worse.


Miguel said...

It's a shame really. There's many good reasons to be against Obama's attempt at Health Care "reform", but then again, I suppose it was expecting too much for the republicans to engage in rational thinking.

Mike said...

I thought you knew that rational thinking and party affiliation are mutually exclusive, Miguel.

Ben said...

Mike, your statement is the reason why the Founding Fathers were vehemently opposed to political parties and thought they would destroy the republic.

They went ahead and formed parties anyway because...well....because of human nature.

"Man is a reasoning, rather than a reasonable, animal." - Alexander Hamilton