Monday, August 31, 2009

Freak of the Week #2

Hey kids! Have you ever spuriously accused someone of anti-Semitism from a blog that seems to encourage Holocaust denial and compares Darwin to Hitler? No? Well, random nut Larry Fafarman has, and that makes him this week's Freak of the Week:
The "Cafeteria Christian" Darwinist goyim -- e.g., Ken Miller and Francis Collins -- who take the gospel literally but do not take the bible's creation story literally are being anti-Semitic, because that is the exact reverse of what true orthodox Jews believe and hence these Christians are mocking the religious beliefs of orthodox Jews. The Cafeteria Christian goyim further mock Judaism by holding that the Christian New Testament is the literal truth while the Jewish Old Testament is false.
That's right, just by being Christian you're being anti-Semitic! Now let's "freely debate" the Holocaust! Yay!

Oh, someone might want to tell Mr. Fafarman that the kind of biblical literalism that is often a feature of evangelical Christianity simply has no parallel in mainstream Judaism. Even the ultra-literalist Karaites, a small group of Jews who deny the authority of the Talmud and rabbinic law, don't take the Bible that literally.

So he's making a spurious claim based on a false assumption. Awesome.

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