Friday, February 19, 2010

Ask A Stupid Question...

In the wake of an incident where pranksters signed Adolf Hitler's name on the conservative Five Miles Away From Mount Vernon Statement, the Christian Science Monitor asks:
Is the Internet too free?
They actually wrote that.

Yes, CSM, the Internet is too free. Let's just go full-China and censor everything you don't like because a few pranksters got a hold of an online petition and you're fucking embarrassed for the petitioners. Schmucks.

Bonus: the article contains this clunker of a line:
One hopes that in 1789, when anonymity was a little harder to come by in a live constitutional assembly, Americans were more polite to one another – or at least, more respectful.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... gasping for air... can't breathe... laughing too hard... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Seriously, has whoever wrote this POS article ever read the kinds of shit the founders said about each other? Or hell, has she (I'm assuming "Tracy Samuelson" is a woman here) ever heard of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton?

Well, for Ms. Samuelson's benefit, I'll post this: