Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Keep Using That Word

Sometimes, the comedy writes itself. For this edition of Amateur Hour, we'll turn it over to former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell:
What we are witnessing right now is an anti-Christian programmatic pogrom. What is a “pogrom” it’s the word [sic] that describes anti-Jewish raids by Cossacks and others in czarist Russia, but a programmatic pogrom best describes what is happening right now.
Because not bowing to the Christian theocratic agenda is the equivalent of slaughtering thousands of innocent Jews and driving the rest from their homes. What amuses me is that he actually gives a nod to the historical context of his word even while making a ridiculous comparison to a completely dissimilar event.

And the things that constitute the "anti-Christian programmatic pogrom"? Why, the nominations of Dawn Johnsen and Chai Feldblum to the OLC and EEOC respectively, of course! Fun twist on this story: Feldblum is Jewish. So not only is Blackwell completely abusing the word "pogrom," he's doing so while accusing a Jew as being part of its perpetration.

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Mike said...

Sounds similar to people who would compare Obama to Hitler or Stalin, no? Or as we in the real world call them, idiots.