Thursday, January 12, 2006

Point and Laugh At The Klan

In these times of simmering racial tensions, I'm glad that the KKK has finally decided to introduce an equal opportunity recruitment policy. They're even willing to promote African-Americans to leadership positions. How... heartwarming.

Scary: Stallworth's investigation revealed that there were KKK members with their fingers on the nuclear weapons triggers. Oh, now that's comforting. They got reassigned to Greenland, which is good. Maybe they got eaten by polar bears while trying to teach them to hate grizzlies. Or something.

Also from Fark: the dangers of being an Alabama fan.


Mike said...

Thank goodness my Braves hat actually says "Braves" on it. That could just as easily have been me.

Also, mad props to Stallworth and one ballsy undercover investigation.

Ben said...

What a moron! Doesn't he know it's the AUBURN fans that are (collectively) the Antichrist?!