Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fresh From The Tailpipe

This is why I buy my meats from the butcher's case at Whole Foods. I get my recommended daily allowance of carbon monoxide from sitting in traffic, thank you very much.

Thanks to Leah for the story.

Also, we Americans seem to like reliving great national flusterclucks. There are Civil War re-enactors, Revolutionary War re-enactors... and now, South Dakota gives us the Roe v. Wade reenactors.

Quick, America! There's no time to lose! Let's forget the threats posed by poverty, terrorists, a power-grabbing executive, and Indian chemists! Who cares if Iraq has a civil war on its hands? Ladies and gentlemen, our all-consuming passion is back! IT'S ABORTION TIME!!!!!

It hasn't happened yet. But you know it will.

Now, if only they would re-enact Kelo, and have it come out differently...

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Anonymous said...

Is it totally hopeless or are we closer to Solylent Green than we think? This is what happened when Civil Service was corrupted. It's a government no longer by the people and for the people.