Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Coolness Meter Is Broken

Tonight's Colbert Report pointed me to something that is simply brilliant. You may remember that the Iranian daily Hamshahri staged a Holocaust cartoon contest in response to the Danish newspaper Jylland-Posten's Muhammad cartoons. This understandably bothered Jews.

So two Jews have responded by... launching their own anti-Semitic cartoon contest. Said one of the contest's founders: "We'll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published! No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!"

The coolness of this is simply beyond words. Check out the image gallery for all the entries.

Also, I noticed that the prize for winning the Iranian contest was a gold coin. This demonstrates that the Muslim world is not very good at this whole anti-Semitism thing. Really, it should have been forty gold coins.


Seriously, no one can make offensive jokes about Jews like Jews.


Matthew B. Novak said...

From the guy who turned February twenty-one into February twenty-WOW!

Mike said...

Amazing. What an utterly spectacular way to emphasize the importance of free speech, tell everyone to lighten up, and give a massive "fuck you" to anti-Semites (as well as radical Muslims who thought it would be a great idea to demonstrate how wrong pictures of the prophet Mohammed as a terrorist were by committing terrorist acts).

Man, Jews rule.