Sunday, February 26, 2006

It's A Gas, Gas, Gas

We all complain about oil company price gouging. This is probably because the oil companies are blatantly obvious about price gouging. So then it makes perfect sense for the state of Minnesota to fine gas stations for... selling gas too cheaply.

Or rather, it makes perfect nonsense.

Hat tip goes to Radley Balko, who I don't actually know.


Mike said...

But it's all right now, jumpin' Jack Flash.

Perhaps the theory here is that the general populace won't be as willing to get behind research into alternative energy sources if they can get gas for a decent price.

Or perhaps I have a tendency to rationalize things that make absolutely no sense.

Andy said...

Maybe the theory is that consumers will buy gas and other products which are cheapest by comparison, so all products should be jacked up, ensuring big companies make big profits. Why does this feel like deja vu?