Thursday, September 29, 2005

Clever Form of Population Control

The Washington Post reports that the Streamlined Procedures Act, which would make it easier for states to execute people regardless of their actual guilt by trimming their right to federal appeals, is coming before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Benhas blogged on the Streamlined Procedures Act previously, and I don't have much to add to his comments and the Post's comments.

Republicans in Congress seem to have no concern for the rights of the falsely accused and unfairly tried, and it's flying far enough under the radar where it won't create popular outrage if passed. But I think there's another motive behind Republicans' support for this bill: population control. Hey, what better way to do our part to fight overcrowding than by arresting people who may or may not have committed a crime and killing them?

I'm going to write to my Senators (Burr won't listen, but Libby might), and y'all should too.

Quick notes:

DeLay - Somewhere, Dan Rostenkowski is laughing his ass off.

Rita - Where have we seen this before? So much for learning lessons from Katrina.

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Mike said...

Hey, Republicans have their forms of population control (the death penalty, unnecessary wars) and Democrats have theirs (abortion, gay rights).

I'd write to my Senators, but I'm damn sure neither would listen. I'd write my Congressman, but he got indicted yesterday.