Monday, September 05, 2005

I Get A Kick Out Of You

Congratulations to goalkeeper/beast Kasey Keller and the U.S. men's soccer team, who qualified for the World Cup by beating Jared Borgetti and fifth-in-the-world Mexico 2-0 in Columbus, Ohio. (The Americans are ranked 6th.)

What excites me is that US-Mexico has the potential to turn into a great soccer rivalry along the lines of England-France and Brazil-Argentina. Since both teams are ranked so highly, a rivalry that gets both sides determined can help both the US and Mexico make the next step to the rarified heights of the soccer elite. Not to mention it would increase interest in soccer here in the States.

Already the words are flying. Mexico's coach Ricardo Lavolpe said that the Americans "play like my sister, my aunt and my grandmother." So Ricky, how does it feel to lose to your sister, aunt, and grandmother? And US forward Landon Donovan said, when asked about Mexico's team, "they suck." Yeah, because you get to #5 in the world by sucking.


Anonymous said...

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Andy said...

You know, nothing cures the ills of a waterlogged city like flaxseed.

And every time I need to get 'heartened', I too go check out a city trying to recover itself from the bottom of a lake.

Andy said...

What's in going to take before this country gives two shits about soccer? You would think that finally being ranked in the top ten would have done it, seeing how most Americans are only interested in world domination anyways?

Oh, is that just me?

emily said...

People in this country care about soccer. Just not the Americans in this country. Take our neighbors for instance-- from the looks of all the cars in front of their house, they had quite a fiesta for that futbol game-- although I'm sure that they weren't as pleased at the outcome as we were!

Danielle said...

I miss Jeff. I don't really have much to talk about on my blog. Maybe I should start boring people with Anthropological Theory debates.... Hmmm. Then again, maybe not.

Mike said...

I dunno, Danielle, if there's no soccer on television, maybe I could use your Anthro posts to help put me to sleep :-P