Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Shocked! Shocked!

A Florida mother was apparently dismayed to learn that her eleventh grade daughter was assigned a book containing an oral sex scene. Idiotically but not surprisingly, she is not content to opt her student out of the book. Instead, she wants it banned.

She calls the book pornography - apparently failing to realize that this is a book about 1940s India containing oral sex, not a book about oral sex containing 1940s India. Hell, I was assigned a book containing a sex scene in ninth grade, and a play with truck loads of sexual innuendo in tenth grade (Aristophanes' Lysistrata).

Guess what? Your daughter is (presumably) 16. She almost certainly knows what oral sex is. You're not protecting her from anything. That having been said, it is her right as a parent to limit what her daughter should and shouldn't read. However, she's not all the other students' mommy, and she does not need to be given that authority. Nor does the school board.


Mike said...

I read "The Catcher in the Rye" (second most banned book in America next to Huck Finn) in seventh grade, and yet I have never solicited a prostitute and am not currently in a mental institution.

In times like these, I always feel sorry for the students with the idiot parents. Hopefully this doesn't lead to too much hallway harassment. (I can just see some it now, and it isn't pretty.)

Jeff said...

As if to underscore my point...