Friday, September 16, 2005

Police Brutality

Some looters deserved to be arrested. This one didn't. Hell, the deli's owner doesn't even want her charged with anything.

And why would bail for "theft" of $63 worth of essential goods - like food - for survival during a natural disaster be set at $50,000? Is a 73-year-old woman a flight risk?

When I'm told that Louisiana has a Napoleonic legal system, I didn't think that the 19-years-for-a-loaf-of-bread thing followed with it. Next thing you know, the Kenner police chief is going to be changing his name to Javert. Barricades to follow soon.

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Mike said...

Wow, I read the article before finishing your post and I was already planning the response, "Anyone else reminded of Jean Valjean?" Then I saw your reference. Every now and then, it's scary how much we think alike.

But not as scary as our punitive system in cases such as this. Sigh...