Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Bitch Is Back

So Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is starting to realize that he's not going to be able to get rid of Israel completely. Now he just wants it moved. He says the Holocaust probably didn't happen (instead, I suppose those six million Jews were kidnapped by aliens), but if it did, Europe should make amends by giving up parts of Germany and Austria to the Jewish state.

(Actually, I kinda like this idea. If every country that ever committed a mass murder of Jews had to give up land to make amends, the Jewish state would encompass half of the Middle East, a good chunk of North Africa, a few enclaves in Argentina and Brazil, and most of Europe. Be careful what you wish for, Mahmoud...)

It's too bad I don't know Ahmadinejad's address. He wouldn't just get a "Shut Up, You Moron" award - he'd get a friggin' statue. And I'd get a death sentence from the Ayatollah... which is my dream come true.

In other news:

Congress has reacted to budget deficits the only way it knows how: by cutting taxes. Something should have been done with taxes, but I don't think "cutting" was quite what I had in mind. Someone should tell the geniuses who came up with this idea that you can't trim a deficit by cutting revenue. (Also, I don't see why people in the middle class and working class would be opposed to tax hikes on the rich. Do they honestly think that the extreme well-being of the super-rich is important to their well-being? Give me a break.)

Say what you will about the quixotic, often dictatorial Hugo Chavez. At least he does what he can to help the poor - even if they're our poor. Kudos to Rep. Jose Serrano for brokering the deal. Hey, if you can't get help from your own government, ask somebody else's. Our Congress is too busy cutting taxes.

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Mike said...

Yeah, 'cause the Jews aren't possessive enough of the holy land as it is.

Boy, Chavez is, to say the least, an interesting guy. Hmmm.