Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hugs With Nuclear Arms

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse in the Middle East, Benjamin Netanyahu has to go and open his big mouth. He commented that Israel should pre-emptively strike Iran if they insist on continuing with their suspected nuclear weapons program.

In fairness, it's tough to blame Netanyahu. If a leader of a country says that your country should be wiped off the map (or at least picked up and moved), and there's reason to believe that that country has the means by which to do so, you can be excused for being a little defensive. Still, the Israelis need to be a little more disciplined in their public discussions. Netanyahu, forgetting the simple rule "never get into a member-measuring contest with a dick," took Ahmadinejad's bait. Ahmadinejad has to know that he couldn't actually attack Israel even if he had the means since his country would be converted into an atomic parking lot should he try, and he's not the kind of crazed maniac that would actually accept that outcome. As such, he's playing the bully, trying to provoke Israel into making a mistake that would turn world opinion even more against them. The correct move for Israel is to lay low and let Ahmadinejad make a fool out of himself.

With respect to nukes, at least Iran is letting the US get a piece of the action if we want it. One of Iran's political analysts says that the Iranian government is making the offer because they know we won't accept. Personally, I think we should, just to screw with them. Imagine the confusion in Tehran when we accept...

(Also, U.S. money is like a drug. If we get them addicted, we can convince them to lose some of the more unsavory aspects of their regime. "Sure, you can support anti-Israel groups, but we can take our investment somewhere else." "Oh... um... well, in that case..." Machiavellian, yes, but effective.)

Tom Tancredo, the most infamous of the sodomites, must be mentioned here. That is all.

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Mike said...

A read something of a related article in the Chronicle today. Thought you might be interested. If you'd like, you can pass it on to Tom Tancredo, the most infamous of the sodomites.