Monday, December 12, 2005


A week ago I wrote a column regarding my views on sodomy (and by sodomy I mean anti-immigration movements... read the column if you're confused). Leah raised a comment on the Sensenbrenner bill that is coming to a House vote this week. She correctly notes that the bill is only concerned with border security and contains no real immigration reform. The Post wrote an article about the bill today.

Two points to make here:

1) I got in a fight with Sensenbrenner's son in third grade. Sadly, it had nothing to do with immigration.

2) In the article, Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth scoffs at any attempt to actually solve the immigration problem, saying that "this is an invasion to be stopped." Quite frankly, the biggest "invasion" his Scottsdale/Tempe district has to worry about involves retirees. The most generous estimates of illegal immigration put the number of illegal immigrants at roughly 300,000 a year - hardly an invasion of epic scale. I think I've heard that "invasion" rhetoric before... hmmm, where was it... oh, yes, I think the Klan used it... and some neo-Nazi groups here and there... maybe some of those anti-Irish or anti-Chinese groups back in the early 20th century... that's some good company you've made for yourself, buddy.

Read this.

I'll add this: his position is not only ridiculed by RNC Chair Ken Mehlman but by Mesa's Jeff Flake, who has a habit of making Barry Goldwater look like Karl Marx.

Also: what the hell does Sensenbrenner have to worry about? Are there a lot of illegal Canadian immigrants crossing Lake Superior into Wisconsin these days? And Tom Tancredo, the most infamous of the sodomites, is from Colorado. That's nowhere near a border. And it's not like illegal immigrants are moving into Colorado 6th (median income: $73,393, and a whopping 5.8% Latino) at a breakneck pace.


Mike said...

Two things:

1) Did you win the fight against Sensenbrenner's son? I'm sure you would have turned the fight to immigration if you hadn't been, well, 8. (Isn't it interesting how we went to school with the kids of some of the people we now rail against? Not that I have any particular beef with Tom Harkin or Bob Clement.)

2) I really hope the quote "Tom Tancredo, the most infamous of the sodomites" makes it high onto Google searches of his name. I also hope my repetition of the quote aids in that endeavor.

Jeff said...

I think a "Tom Tancredo, the most infamous of the sodomites" Googlebomb is in order.

Ben said...

But what WOULD "Tom Tancredo, the most infamous of the sodomites" think about that?

Y'know, the 3 of us probably can't accomplish a Googlebomb.

Mike said...

Likely not Ben, but it's worth a shot. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to the American people. We owe it to "Tom Tancredo, the most infamous of the sodomites".