Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mixed Nuts

Four of the many reasons is an awesome site:

Apparently, my future is going to be determined by some wacko in Edmonton. Free speech laws north of the border aren't quite up to the American standard, so "willfully promoting hatred" is a crime in Canada. The punishment: six-to-ten years as president of Iran.

AP reports that some New Yorker has a nice quaint statue of Santa outside their mansion ought to quell fears by certain psychopaths that Christmas is under attack. Sure, he's blood-splattered and holding a severed head, but don't you just love the Christmas spirit?

You know what I want for lunch? $240 flavored paper.

And let's hear it for Florida woman Liz Book, who is seeking to strike a blow for women everywhere who want to go topless. She gives us our Quote of the Month: "I'm fighting to decriminalize our breasts because no man, city or state should see our breasts as a means of revenue." Personally, I'm all for breast decriminalization.


Mike said...

I too am all in favor of decriminalizing breasts, other than it may force me to go back to briefs.

But you know who probably isn't in favor of it? Tom Tancredo, the most infamous of the sodomites.

Ben said...

Any news on whether all this talk about Tom Tancredo, the most infamous of the sodomites, is having any effect?

Mike said...

It's not. Even a Google search for "tom tancredo sodomites" doesn't turn it up in the first few pages. But I still like the running gag of constantly referencing Tom Tancredo, the most infamous of the sodomites, even if only the three of us get it and everyone else is ridiculously confused.