Friday, February 02, 2007

Adventures in Corporate Douchitude

Planning on hosting a Super Bowl party? Hope you don't have a big-screen TV. And I hope you weren't planning on calling it a "Super Bowl" party. And I hope you weren't asking people to help you pay for food.

Because, according to the idiot lawyers at the NFL, all those things infringe on their intellectual property rights - as an Indianapolis church just found out.

Maybe someone with more experience in intellectual property law than me could explain why the NFL thinks private Super Bowl parties are a threat to their intellectual property. I could understand if the church were trying to make money off the game, but seeing as how they obviously aren't, the threatened suit seems ludicrous. Not to mention that it's a horrible PR move.

This is almost as bad as Disney's refusal to allow a British couple to put Winnie the Pooh on their child's gravestone. Because we all know that giving a family what they want for their lost loved one is a threat to Disney's bottom line, right? (Disney, to its credit, went back on the threat when they discovered how much this move made them look like asses.) I came across this in a magazine - when I find a link, I'll send it to you.


Mike said...

Douchitude. Derectalization. You're like a modern day Shakespeare, inventing words that 400 years from now will be fixtures in the English language. You rule.

Jeff said...

Douchitude is in the Urban Dictionary. I will, however, take credit for "derectalization" since Googling said word reveals only my usages of the word...