Tuesday, February 06, 2007


A link titled "Break This Record" on the Guinness Book of World Records page for deadliest terrorist attack? Brilliant!

On second thought, maybe this is actually a good idea. All we have to do is leave the link up long enough for bin Laden to click on it, then follow the IP address trail and nail him.

In fact, in this spirit, I'm proposing the creation of the Opinions Nobody Asked For Terrorist Registry. It'd be kind of like a MySpace for murderous maniacs, an online community where ETA, al-Qaeda, Hamas, and all other wannabe asshats can kibbitz about how to kill themselves in a deadlier fashion. Benefits of membership include an all-expenses-paid one-way trip to Cuba and unlimited tickets for the supersuperfun ride Dick Cheney's Waterboard Express! Membership would be mandatory for all terrorists (seriously, you could get Congress to pass this law - they already tax revenue on drug deals).

Hat tip: Jacob.


Ben said...

I assume by "ETA" you don't mean the Employment and Training Administration. I think only Jacob would consider a government bureaucracy a terrorist organization.

Ben - Dept of Labor employee

Jeff said...

Yes. I, like everyone else on the planet, see ETA and think "Spanish Basque separatist terrorists."