Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Show Me The Money

I may just be a lowly graduate student, but the Chinese are convinced that I can help them make money. There's a new industry of business self-help books telling Chinese people how to make money "the Jewish way." (There are roughly 10,000 Jews in China, so chances are most of China's 1bn people have no idea what a Jew is. In fact, it seems that a lot of Chinese people are perfectly okay with "Jewish" being a noun.)

Stereotypes are fun. Especially when they're botched as ridiculously as this one. Apparently, there are business secrets in the Talmud. Who knew?


Ben said...

A noun? That looks more like an adjective.

Mike said...

I was gonna point that out too, but figured I'd let it slide, as it would just make me look like the uber-uptight former English student.

Jeff said...

Read the article, kids... there's a book entitled "The Eight Most Valuable Business Secrets of the Jewish" in which "Jewish" is used as a noun.