Sunday, February 04, 2007

Obligatory Sports Post

Prophecy of the day: Bears 38, Colts 35

Things that rule:

- I think I actually saw the phrase "No. 24 Vanderbilt" used on And it wasn't referring to the women's team, which is ranked 15th. (Speaking of said women's team... I don't care who you are, beating a conference opponent 61-34 on the road is pretty sweet.)

- Women's soccer - Four Nations Cup champions. Awesome, especially since it gives our ladies some momentum heading into the World Cup this September. Somewhat unimpressive draw against #1 Germany, but when we're missing Wambach and Lilly it's tough to produce goals. The fact that the attack performed well without them against England and China is definitely encouraging.

- Men's soccer - big game against Mexico on Wednesday. Seeing as how it's in Phoenix (a mere three hours from the border), I wonder what percentage of the fans will be ours. We're going to be without a lot of Europe-based players - I think we'll basically have the same team that spanked Denmark plus Taylor Twellman. In my mind, this game is Bradley's job. If we come out with a strong attack and put up some goals against the Mexicans, I think Bradley sheds that "interim" title. If not, expect Jurgen Klinsmann's phone to be ringing again within minutes of full time.

- My two Premiership teams: Reading at 6th, Fulham at 14th. I'm really impressed by Reading this year. They've played everyone well, including the Big Four (okay, maybe not Arsenal). And Fulham's at least clear of the drop. Bolton and Reading both have a real shot at knocking one of the Big Four (Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool for those of you who aren't soccerheads) out of the Champions League spots. Which would make me very happy.

- After tonight, no more football for seven months. Siiiigh. (And no, the Pro Bowl doesn't count.)


Ben said...

Jeremiah you're not, Mr. Prophet.

Sportingo said...

Greetings -- I see that you follow quite a bit of sports and I would like to speak with you about publishing some articles on Reading and fulham.