Thursday, February 08, 2007

Is America Ready For This Blog?

Things I can do without: pundits wrestling with the question of "Is America ready for a __________ President?" Insert "woman," "black," or "Mormon" in the blank depending on whether you want a fluff piece on Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or Mitt Romney.

Note to the media here: the only reason we wonder about this question is because you idiots keep asking it. Most people aren't going to go to the polls and say, "well, I would vote for Hillary, but she has tits, so I won't." The reasons for people not liking these candidates range far and wide, but they don't generally have anything to do with their gender, race, or religion. Sure, there are legitimate stereotypes for each of these candidates to overcome, but the reality is that they've already been effective at neutralizing them in the past. All of these candidates have been elected to statewide office. Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts have proven that they're "ready" to elect the best candidate for the job. Why don't you give the rest of America the benefit of the doubt here?

And your Banditos Theorem Update of the Day: A preacher in Portland, ME decided to try to lure anti-Semites to his sermon so he could "show them the light." He published the title of the sermon - "The Only Way To Destroy The Jewish Race" - in the local paper.

The utterly predictable backlash ensued. I think the best part is that he claims he had "no idea" such a backlash would occur. I... I have nothing to say.

And a note on the Edwards blogger flap: the semi-serious rantings of someone hired to work for the Edwards campaign are worse than the semi-serious rantings of Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, or any of the conservative bloggers why? (Or the semi-serious rantings of Sen. James Inhofe, who thinks global warming is a conspiracy perpetrated by the Weather Channel?) Kudos to Edwards for not backing down and firing the poor ladies. Somebody should just put this news cycle out of its misery.


Mike said...

I remember ranting about this on my blog a while back, but I can't find the post (perhaps it's one of those I started and then deleted - of which there are a lot). Regardless, I think the American people have a way of deciding for themselves what they are and are not ready for.

As for the Jewish thing, I'm constantly in awe of your ability to be targeted for destruction by people who don't even know you. As a white male raised Christian, I don't have such a luxury. (Okay, women, but otherwise...)

Michael said...

I read the article you referenced about the sermon title, and I just want to draw people's attention to this paragraph:

"We understand that you are allowed freedom of speech," Celeste [a sixth grader said] "but we would very much appreciate it if you would take some more time to think about what you are writing before you release it to the public."

I think that this kid has very succinctly summarized the true nature of First Amendment protections on speech. It's a pity that it took a child to do that.